For this upcoming spring break, Zane Meyer, Steven Jensen, Jonathan Davis, RSK, Jason Sellers, Jakob Santos, Devon Lawson, Josh Boothby, Colby Elrick, and myself are taking a trip to Thailand for the upcoming Can’t Fool the Youth 3 premiere + FGFS trick competition on April 5th. We’re going to be filming for an upcoming Can’t Fool the Youth road trip edition as well. So stoked to have this opportunity to go with my friends and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of Zane and Bombtrack Bicycle Co. See you then Bangkok!


Young Guns Update.

After a year of filming, parts for sMc’s FGFS video, “Young Guns”, are finally starting to wrap up. Other parts not pictured will include Grant Higgins, Calvin Gunt, Samuel Rodriguez, and potentially more. Stay tuned.

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Throwback: sMc Photos.

So I was going through old photos and I came by a lot of cool old photos of myself and the sMc crew that nobody really saw. Crazy to see how much things have changed in over a year. Riders here include Alec Aranowitz, Myself, Christian Meldrum, Gunnar Johnson, Chris Ruelas, Anthony Sanchez, Ryan Schuk, and Junho Park.