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YOUNG GUNS DVD’s Available, Finally

Well, as promised when Young Guns first came out, the DVD’s are finally available, 9 months later, haha. This is for those of you who are in to collecting and having tangible copies of stuff. DVD has a runtime of 39 minutes and packed with 29 minutes of B-roll / crashes that you can’t find online. Includes two stickers. 10 bucks, 2 dollar shipping. Extremely limited quantity. Grab it HERE! Or if you don’t wanna buy the DVD, you can watch it again online down here vvv

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Potential | Double Feature

Here’s a couple videos with dudes that definitely have some potential.

Two Trails Solo Sesh

Duder getting some tricks down at his local park.

CND Ridas | Calling The Shots

Here’s a mix of FGFS & BMX featuring a Canadian crew called “CND Ridas” calling each other out to do some tricks. I’ve watched most of Jaden’s videos lately and the dude has progressed a significant amount since I started checking out his stuff. Footjam whip ender was dialed!

Robert Rice | Forever Jibbin’

Our dude Robert Rice coming in with a short & sweet little edit with some jib/techy gold. His style is so fluent and his tricks are real unique making Robert one of my favorite dudes to watch. Loved the line at 0:22. So hyped he’s a part of sMc. Doin’ it for LDG!

Cole Ruffing | Footjam 180

Cole’s fluent style mixed with his creative approach to riding makes for some seriously wild looking tricks. One trick that he can do that I’ve never seen anyone else mess with is the footjam 180’s he does off ledges. Snapped this pic the other day riding in Long Beach. To see it in action, check out his part in Young Guns here!


Cole Ruffing | Footjam

Phil on Locked cog just posted a bunch of sick shots of himself, Matt, and Cole lurking for new spots. Within those photos was this sick shot of our newest family member Cole Ruffing busting a footjam on this weird roof/bank setup. More photos here!

Photo | Phil Arellano

Also, check out Cole’s section in our newest team video here!


sMc Presents | YOUNG GUNS

Here it is everybody. A ton of work went in to this video and we are very excited on how it turned out. These dudes worked their asses off to get their parts exactly how they wanted, over a year of filming, for almost nothing in return. We did this because we love this sport, so give these guys some kudos for this. So here it is, suck our cogs, YOUNG GUNS.


That’s right, the long anticipated full length team video, Young Guns, is finally finished. The video will be released online and possibly a limited run of DVD’s for those that are in to tangible copies of videos. With 9 sections and over a 40 minute run time, we are very proud of the finished product. Release date to be determined, but will be very soon. Maybe sooner than you think. Stay tuned.

Big thanks to Gus for the logo.

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Bike Check | Jacob Santos’ Concept Assassin

Jacob is part of our sMc family and one of the dudes I hang out and ride with the most. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet and also happens to shred on a bike. He just sized up to a medium Concept Assassin instead of a small and gave it a rad paint job. The bike is beyond dialed and rides really well.                                                                        See after the jump for a rundown and more pictures.