Tony Khensouvan | Day In The Life

Real stoked to see some stuff from Tony K. This was a little “day in the life” from a while ago featuring himself, Jacob Santos, and Michael Penrose. Tony, if you’re reading this, get the fuck back on your bike.

Spotted through TTv

Royal HC | A Day At The Park With Miguel, Jacob, and JBall

Yesterday was a really good day of riding. Miguel, Jacob, and myself went over the the Royal HC headquarters to meet up, and we went over to Cerritos skatepark. We bullshitted, shot some flicks, filmed some lines, and just had a really fun time. Here’s a photo of Miguel throwing pulling a T-Bog. Check out the full write-up with more pictures here!


Young Guns Update.

After a year of filming, parts for sMc’s FGFS video, “Young Guns”, are finally starting to wrap up. Other parts not pictured will include Grant Higgins, Calvin Gunt, Samuel Rodriguez, and potentially more. Stay tuned.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 10.23.22 AM

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Video Catch Up.

So ever since Vimeo videos stopped embedding on WordPress posting videos on here has been a bummer. But I still try and do it the best I can, here’s some videos the past couple weeks that I’ve missed on here that are killer. All caught through TTv, Hammer Down, and LockedCog.

Here’s Jakob’s new “Welcome Home Edit.” Easily my favorite Santos part so far! The Double Peg-Feeble-Smith was so sick. He’s got a bunch of other crazy tricks in this too. Great seeing Jake being creative along with the usual gnarly riding! Going in for Skylmt!

And by the way, I definitely suggest checking out Skylmt’s fresh new site here if you haven’t already!

Next is some sweet B-rolls, Bails, and Bullshit from Mon and the Still Pour gang. Always entertaining!

Lastly is the first edit of the 9 States Jam in Japan by Devourfilms. Very sick vibe and sick riding for sure. Tons of angles on every trick too making for a great comp edit! Everyone killed it!

sMc Ride & Comp Edit.

The ride & comp this past Sunday was very successful. All the homies came out to throw down, chill out, and win some prizes! Here’s the edit Christian made from it. Maybe this will be an annual thing! Pictures coming soon!

Big ups to Jacob for winning first, and Desmond for throwing down best trick riding street!



Silvo Sesh.

Quick little session from Pizza mayne, Jacob, and Miguel. Solid tricks. Jacob is a young 14 year old shredder from Long Beach. He’s got every trick you can imagine both ways, and is consistent as hell. He will be featured in “Young Guns” which is currently being filmed. Keep an eye out for him, he kills!

<p><a href=”″>Silvo Sesh</a> from <a href=”″>Miguel Ramirez</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>