Jakob Santos SE Showtime Bike Check

Long time friend of the channel and FGFS legend turned big wheel bmx pro Jakob Santos still gets down with FGFS from time to time. He recently built up an SE Showtime and sent over some pics of his build. This is definitely one of his cleanest bike builds imo, details and gallery after the jump!


Throwback | Five Tricks With Wizard

Marwin “Wizard” Ou was a force to be reckoned with in the early Long Beach FGFS scene (2008-2011). Unfortunately, his involvement with fixed gear is now minimal; this was just about the last edit he put out. His technicality on flat ground was unmatched, as shown in this edit. Or, as it used to be called, “Wizardry”.

Jonathan Davis 2012 B-Roll.

As soon as I saw a new video from JD I was instantly stoked. Even though it’s a B-Roll, it’s got some killer clips and second angles in it. He’s easily one of my favorites to watch, and has been doing this since the beginning. Him, Gus and I are also working on a secret project that should be out soon, so keep your eye out and get stoked for that. Also, loved the intense/ creepy vibes coming from the soundtrack.