The Grime’s DVD from two years ago, “Shredwell 2”, is now available online for free thanks to the Turf Mob. Always loved the vibe of this DVD. Hammers throughout, great song choices, and the whole thing just seems like they’re all having a great time riding bikes with their friends. Enjoy!

Us Versus Them | Can’t Fool The Youth 3 Video Premiere Photos

A ton of good photos from the Can’t Fool The Youth 3 Video Premiere in LA just went up on the Us Versus Them Blog. Check it out here.


CFTY 2: FOAD Bonus Feature.

The dudes at FOAD are so sick. They threw together this sectioned part featuring all the dudes for the Can’t Fool The Youth 2 DVD and it came out sick. I’m a huge fan of them cause they seem to always be having fun no matter what they’re doing and all the riding is so raw. Izik is getting so good too. Check it out.

<p><a href=”″>CFTY2 – FOAD Bonus Feature</a> from <a href=””>FOAD</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Steven Jensen: Spike Parts & CFTY Profile.

Steven just recently got on Spike parts due to the collapse of Sadio, and he just released this part for it. Always solid and creative! Switch grinds on lock! Last trick was way sick.

Zane with Chop em’ Down also recently released Steven’s part from Can’t Fool the Youth. Hammers! Late on it but if you haven’t seen it yet it is a must watch.

Jonathan Davis 2012 B-Roll.

As soon as I saw a new video from JD I was instantly stoked. Even though it’s a B-Roll, it’s got some killer clips and second angles in it. He’s easily one of my favorites to watch, and has been doing this since the beginning. Him, Gus and I are also working on a secret project that should be out soon, so keep your eye out and get stoked for that. Also, loved the intense/ creepy vibes coming from the soundtrack.

Chop ‘Em Down Films Presents: Road to Epic Comp.

This is our documented journey to Sacramento along with comp footage. It was a hell of a time and I’m definitely looking forward to more trips. Zane knows how to film and edit footage properly, cause this came out real sick. Definitely stoked on this trip and big thanks to Derek and Jeffy D for letting us stay at their places.