Charlie Suave Taz 2016

Montreal killer Charlie Suave just dropped this killer TAZ 2016 edit. He links lines beautifully and I can tell has been learning some new shit (mostly his switch stuff which I haven’t seen him do too much of in the past). Charlie stomps his tricks out with authority but manages to make it look effortless simultaneously. Big ups on Charlie for this edit, don’t miss this one.

Dom & Charlie At Taz 2016

Canadian shredders Dominique Paquet and Charlie Suave take on the famous Taz skatepark in this quick one with some killer lines, clean styles, and fun vibes. Charlie always kills it and is real slick with linking lines together. Haven’t seen too much from Dominique other than Instagram clips but you can tell he’s pushing himself in here and pulls some sick tricks for sure. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, that park looks like so much damn fun. Don’t miss this one!

Charlie Suave | Winter Dayz

Instantly stoked when I saw Canadian Killer Charlie Suave sent me a new video last night. Definitely seeing some progression since his last edit plus a crispy cleaned up style. Getting way more technical in this one than previously seen as well, really hyped on that. Also sick to see some other FGFS heads getting some clips in this one. This park looks like an insane amount of fun. Charlie always killing it.