Chrome | Built For This Woven Stretch Workshirt

Long time Portland shredder Ramon Antonio stars in this new little piece by Chrome advertising their new line of stuff, this one featuring their woven stretch workshirt specifically. Beautifully shot by Slum, but you probably already knew that.

Chrome | Built For This: Dima 2.0 (Featuring Johnathan Ball)

Your boy recently teamed up with Slumworm and Chrome for a shoot for their Spring/Summer line. This one specifically for the Dima 2.0 shoes. Had a ton of fun riding around LA with all these wonderful people, if you like the shoes, you can snag em here.

Chrome Presents | Survive The City

Chrome just dropped this rad little video featuring Matt Reyes, Andy Sparks, and some track dudes tearing up the city to promote Chrome’s new “Survive The City” line. Sick stuff in the video with some sick gear to drop with it. Chrome has been supporting the cycling scene for ages, show some support, check it out. 


The Red Bull Ride + Style 2014 event in San Francisco has come to a close, adding another great year under it’s belt. A huge variety of riders this year and so many sick tricks went down. Stoked to call all these great dudes my friends, this event was such a blast.

Freestyle Results:

1st: Matt Reyes

2nd: Johnathan Ball

3rd: Jakob Santos

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 9.15.24 PM

Photo | Zach Franzen

Check out his Flickr for some more awesome photos of the event. I’m sure more photos + footage will come out later this week too.


Marco’s whip was stolen last night in the west LA area. If you find it, lock it up or beat the shit out of the guy, and contact Marco, the sMc Facebook page, or anybody associated with him.


BOMBTRACK Dash 2013 Black Chrome
BOMBTRACK dash bars
Unknown rims laced to BOMBTRACK hubs
BOMBTRACK front tire
RESIST back tire
ODI XL grips