San Jose


What a great way to end the week! The FBZ408 crew in NorCal just dropped their newest and best yet of the Gooz on Deck series. These boys straight up just said “ayo yall wanna just go do some bangers as a squad?” Whole squad doing bangers together got me so hype. Makes me wanna ride. A lot of faces to my surprise that I don’t actually recognize killing it. Kam and PVN really leveled up in this one too. Watcha the usual killer suspect. Too much good stuff, don’t miss this one!

Kameren Boun | Goonz On Deck 2

Watcha just dropped Kameren’s first solo edit. As well as being a sick dude, Kameren shreds on a bike. It was a pleasure having him in town during the Suck My Comp event and seeing what he’s made of while he was competing. Digging his snappy style. Feeble over smith at the 2 minute mark couldn’t have been done any better. Stoked on this, Don’t miss it!

Ride Or Dye | PSYCHO

Ride Or Dye just dropped this intro to their upcoming video called “Psycho”. I’m real hyped to see this one come in to play. There’s some real solid clips in this one so I’m sure the full video will have some bangers for sure. Riders featured include Aaron Keokham, Daniel McDiarmid, Kris Le, Drabzong Her, Jimmy Watcha, Peter Nguyen, and Daniel Le.