ride or dye

“PSYCHO” Full Length

The Ride Or Dye crew just dropped this full length 18 minute team edit featuring Peter Van Nguyen, Daniel Le, Aaron Keokham, Daniel McDiarmid, Kris Le, Drabzong Her, and Jimmy Watcha. Really solid crew of riders in this so you know before even watching it that it’s gonna be good. These dudes all put some serious work into this though. Pushing themselves to try new stuff, eating a lot of shit, and having fun is what riding bikes is all about and this video encompasses all of it. Bunch of good stuff in here, way too much to specifically call out. Although I have to say Jimmy Watcha’s short section definitely deserved to be at the end, dude always fucking slays. Filming and editing were good, music choices were all on point. Don’t sleep on this one, Ride Or Dye crew put in too much hard work for you not to watch this!

Ride Or Dye | PSYCHO

Ride Or Dye just dropped this intro to their upcoming video called “Psycho”. I’m real hyped to see this one come in to play. There’s some real solid clips in this one so I’m sure the full video will have some bangers for sure. Riders featured include Aaron Keokham, Daniel McDiarmid, Kris Le, Drabzong Her, Jimmy Watcha, Peter Nguyen, and Daniel Le.