Kameren Boun | Goonz On Deck 2

Watcha just dropped Kameren’s first solo edit. As well as being a sick dude, Kameren shreds on a bike. It was a pleasure having him in town during the Suck My Comp event and seeing what he’s made of while he was competing. Digging his snappy style. Feeble over smith at the 2 minute mark couldn’t have been done any better. Stoked on this, Don’t miss it!

Charlie Suave 2015

Canadian head Charlie Suave just dropped this bangin’ 2015 solo webby filmed in Montreal and New York. To put it simply, Charlie is dialed as fuck. He stomps out his tricks with authority and makes it look easy at the same time. A ton of great spots in here that he took advantage of and it was put together nicely as well. Stoked to see him pushing himself. Don’t sleep on Charlie Suave, and definitely don’t sleep on this edit!

Evan Service | Friday On My Mind

So stoked when I saw this dropped this morning. Evan’s been stacking clips for quite a while now and came out with this dope high energy edit filled with goodness. Evan’s style is buttery and makes everything he does seem effortless, ending banger was fucking sick and takes some seriously good balance to pull off. His creative look at spots always makes for entertaining riding too, never totally sure what he’s gonna pull at a given spot. Great song choice all wrapped up and filmed nicely by Jackson. Don’t miss this one!