TURF Welcomes Ramon Antonio

It was just recently announced that Ramon would be joining the Turf Mob, and he already has an edit out for them. Mon went IN for this one. So much sick stuff that took me off guard, especially that ender. Double hard 180 down a handrail? Thats INSANE. Other highlights in my opinion were the huge T-bog in to the stairs and the fakie suicide down the set. Rad mix of big and technical throughout this one. Definitely deserving of that spot on Turf. Great song choice too. Makes you wanna get out and ride. Check this one a few times for sure.

Ramon Antonio | Wheelz Of Steel

Bangin’ new edit coming from Ramon. Lots of creative lines that you dont see most people doing mixed in here with some serious bangers like the stair gap at 2:39. The fakie tricks off the 4 stair were crazy, and the ender was some sick as well. Killed it my dude. Doin’ it for Hell Or Win.

Ramon Antonio | Back in the Bay

MoN has been a nomad the past couple years moving from spot to spot, and it looks like he’s settled back in the bay, his home town. Ramon always knows how to think outside the box and touch tricks that a lot of people don’t like to venture towards, which is always so sick to watch. Crank arm at 2:00 was crazy looking. MoN kills it.