Ramon Antonio | Back in the Bay

MoN has been a nomad the past couple years moving from spot to spot, and it looks like he’s settled back in the bay, his home town. Ramon always knows how to think outside the box and touch tricks that a lot of people don’t like to venture towards, which is always so sick to watch. Crank arm at 2:00 was crazy looking. MoN kills it.

An August of Joe Mckeag.

Joe showed me this before it came out. Me and Joe always have friendly competitions on who can do the sickest shit, cause we do everything the same, and he definitely showed me up here, hahaha. But Joe has always been my favorite rider to watch whether its his clean smooth style, insanely technical and difficult tricks, or his consistency. This video is awesome. HE BEAT ME TO THE DOUBLE BAR. And one more thing. THIS EDIā€  IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!