Teppei Nasty Iwabuchi Fukuoka 2016

What a fucking treat on a shitty Monday morning. Nasty is an OG and hasn’t lost his style throughout the years and remains one of the most enjoyable people to watch ride a bike. He keeps it smooth and techy with the pegless stuff and you already know there’s a ton of skids in this one. Seitaro with Devour films killed it behind the lens too. So stoked on this, don’t miss this one!


Devour films released the video for the Noridaore Japanese FGFS comp in Osaka, and it looked like such a fun time. Simple but fun looking course that the riders killed. 700c still going strong over there, Funny and Nasty killed it! RSK and Marco with some shred too. check it out. More events like this need to happen in the states.