Kris Fay

Kris Fay | Get Weird

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a little something from Kris. He keeps it fun and creative with this little bit with a guest appearance from Gnarlos which is also really sick to see. The 180 tire slide thing at 0:37 is some creative gold. Dig the music choice + editing too. This was sick.


Locked Cog is doing a sick giveaway in collab with YNOT Cycle.


“Dump out your bag,  snap a photo of everything inside, hashtag #whatsinyourbag and be sure you’re following @ynotcycle & @lockedcog! Winners will be picked based on how interesting their photo is and will be announced on May 28th.”

Winner will receive a lot of sick shit. This costs nothing, so what do you have to lose? Go for it and try to win some sick stuff!


Elliott & Matt In Vegas | By Phil Arellano

Some really nice shots of Matt and Elliott just went up on the Locked Cog site of their little filming excursion to Vegas. Looks like they got some good stuff done and had a blast in the heat. Head over there for the full recap and more photos. And Phil also got a shot of Elliott’s new prototype whip from Bombtrack. Gonna be a killer frame.