We just dropped our new 2017 Collection including 2 shirts and a hat that comes in 2 different colors! Available here!

(PS, we’ve got a promo dropping for these tommorrow, so be on the lookout for that)


The Suck My Cap:

Super comfy Embroidered Port & Authority hats, available in black and khaki. Limited quantities.

Classic Embroidered Tee:

Embroidered logo on a high quality scalloped tee. Longer fit. Super comfy. Limited quantities.

Lick Tee:

Suck my cog. Lick my cog. Same difference. High quality screen print on a tagless Gilden tee. Art by Gus Molina.

Huge thanks to Gus Molina for helping bring these ideas to life. Hope you guys dig the stuff. #SUCKMYCOG


Locked Cog is doing a sick giveaway in collab with YNOT Cycle.


“Dump out your bag,  snap a photo of everything inside, hashtag #whatsinyourbag and be sure you’re following @ynotcycle & @lockedcog! Winners will be picked based on how interesting their photo is and will be announced on May 28th.”

Winner will receive a lot of sick shit. This costs nothing, so what do you have to lose? Go for it and try to win some sick stuff!


Johnathan Ball | Wallride Barspin

Phil came down to my area and wanted to shoot some photos. So I took him my go-to spot, the Santa Ana Riverbed. A five minute ride from my house and perfect banks make it an ideal spot to practice tricks. After brushing glass out of the way and hauling Phil’s camera equipment down the steep banks, Phil got this sick shot. But when aren’t his shots sick?



Edit Catchup.

Here’s some bangin’ edits that’ve came out recently that are definitely worth posting. Just been caught up with things lately!

Valentin DESTROYS! Wheeltalk. (See what I did there)

It’s insane how smooth Matt is. WOLFDRAWN

<p><a href=”″>Matt Spencer | Park Edit</a> from <a href=””>Matthew Spencer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Real quick one from Funny, but I’ve always loved his style and I think he kills it.

Interesting to see LOCKEDCOG Kris with a new whip. Can’t wait to see how he does when he gets some straps!