Turf Hard Drive | Jimmy Watcha

Turf has been producing content like a machine this past month. Here’s another one featuring one of my favorite dudes to watch, Jimmy Watcha. I always get stoked when something new drops from him. A lot of this footage was featured in Fixieboyz edits, but it’s also mixed in with some new stuff. Always keeping it fresh with some wild combos. Really feeling the editing on this one too, worth a few looks for sure.


Anthem has spent the last year hustling to get things off the ground. They’ve already produced bars, shirts, and prototype frames along with pre orders for their pre-production frames which have been looking very good. All their hard work is showing, and their website is now officially live and looking legit. Head over there and browse their new frames, t shirts, rider page with our dude Miguel, and much, much more.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 11.10.53 AM

Wheel Talk | Aerodynamics Reflective 3/4 Tee

Wheel Talk just dropped a clean new limited run baseball tee. There’s only 30 of these available, and with the popularity of Wheel Talk, these are bound to go quick. Swoop while you can here!