Chackong Bike Shop Now Open

Chackong’s (Maker of Pagan, Samten, and Cohesion frames) big cartel just opened and features a bunch of different FGFS frames and hubs. The paint jobs on these frames are looking beautiful. Really digging those oil slick looks. Chackong operates out of China and ships worldwide. To order, for more information about frame geometry, and more pictures, check out his website here!



Sesh Tape #10 features Elliott Milner and Matt Spencer shredding some spots in the Vegas heat a while ago. Even though the footage is about a year old, the clips didn’t get stale at all. These two linked some fucking sick lines at some really fun looking spots out there. Elliott’s Feeble wheelie 180 towards the end was a highlight for me, that set looks big. Don’t miss this one.