Turf | Independence Day

The Turf dudes including Mike Schmitt, Ed Wonka, and Matt Reyes (with a cameo by Gus Molina) went out to film this little July 4th edit. Wonka cuts some hair in the streets and grinds a good sized hand rail, Mike Schmitt pulls some rad combos like the bar to feeble smith, and Slum is looking more dialed than ever on that Bombtrack, insane amounts of pop. Check this one out for sure, Turf guys always producing quality content.

Josh Boothby | Fixed Perspective 3D Bike Course

A really tight little promo for the upcoming Red Bull Ride + Style Competition in two weeks. Boothby enters a new dimension and messes around on a video game style course. So sick! Can’t wait for this event.


I’ve been getting consistent messages asking when the upcoming Red Bull competition is.

Red Bull Ride + Style will be held on Saturday May 10th, 2014, at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco starting at 11am.

To accompany this news is a video from last years event. Make it out this year and you’ll also get to see the #STAYSTRAPPEDDVD premiere! You don’t want to miss it.