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FOAD Good Times Zine, USB Package, and T-Shirt

So you’ve all seen the FOAD Good Times full length video by now. It’s virtually all we’ve been posting about. But now FOAD has something special for everybody. They dropped a photo zine to go along with a USB package which includes the video, extras, wallpapers, and stickers all for $25. ALSO they have a sick Good Times shirt you can order here for $25. Limited to 100 copies. Snag em here!


Ninja Cats | 4 THE HOMIES

Rad one from Ninja Cats featuring a compilation of BMX, FGFS, and Skateboarding clips from a wide variety of people. Ninja Cats always keeps it entertaining.

Also, these dudes just revamped their Big Cartel. Show some love, check it out, snag some Ninja Cats gear HERE.


Wheel Talk | Aerodynamics Reflective 3/4 Tee

Wheel Talk just dropped a clean new limited run baseball tee. There’s only 30 of these available, and with the popularity of Wheel Talk, these are bound to go quick. Swoop while you can here!


Josh Boothby | Fixed Perspective 3D Bike Course

A really tight little promo for the upcoming Red Bull Ride + Style Competition in two weeks. Boothby enters a new dimension and messes around on a video game style course. So sick! Can’t wait for this event.


I documented the majority of my experience in Bangkok, Thailand and will be releasing the pictures in segments with a combination of riding, lifestyle, and other random shit off both my DSLR and phone camera. It was an amazing experience with the best dudes. The differences in culture, food, weather, and everything in between were almost polar opposites compared to the states. Overall, the people are nicer, the weather is hotter, everything is cheaper, and the riding is intense. All the people riding out there have so much passion and so much fun with it. Very thankful to have taken part in the scene. This wouldn’t have been possible without Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Zane Meyer, and Petch. Other thanks to Dew, Jaoa, Nat, JD, and everybody else who made sure we didn’t kill ourselves out there. THANK YOU THAILAND!