I really dig these videos in the Cole Clips series. Our dude shot all this on his VX featuring a good variety of riders with different styles. Hector’s first rail hop looks big, Rio’s last trick was fucking awesome, Cole’s riding is always nice and techy + really smooth, and the rest of the footage is solid too. Everyone killing it in here. Don’t miss this one. Keep this series coming Cole.

A Night In Burbank ft. Corey San Agustin & Cole Ruffing

Here’s a completely serious little edit we filmed featuring Cole and Corey on the same night we filmed their Game Of Bike. These two kill it and it’s always a blast to ride with these guys.

On a side note, I’ve been uploading almost every video we make to both the Vimeo and the Youtube channels, so pick your poison.

Cole Ruffing | 1 Spot 2 Days

Some sick jibby stuff from Cole. Real technical stuff here that you have to look at closely to see what’s really going on. Day two clips are banger. Footjam nollie 3 is crazy sick. Cole is one of my favorite dudes to watch and never ceases to¬†disappoint. Check it out.

Cole Ruffing | Part II

Always sick stuff coming from Cole. His part II edit is for the most part jibby greatness, but isn’t afraid to throw some hammers like a double peg nose over at 2:36. Great smooth style as always. Feeble to pedal feeble at the end was killer. Hell, this whole edit has great unique stuff you don’t see too much. All hail the footjam master. If you haven’t checked out his Part I edit, check it out here.


Spotted through TTv