Cole Ruffing 2013 Part 1.

As soon as I saw Cole put out an edit I knew I was going to love it. Cole has such a unique style and approach to spots, and is always doing things I don’t see many people mess with at all like the footjam 180 off a ledge. So sick. Great to see he’s being staying on top of his riding. Apparently there is going to be another part too. So stoked for that. By the way, Cole has the sweetest looking half cab bars in the game. You rule Cole, I love you. Stop being so sad.

Spotted through WheelTalk

Charles LittleJohn End of Summer Edit.

I meant to post this up earlier. But if you havent seen it by now its worth a watch. The dudes got style and huge tricks! The nollie bar off the table was sooo clean. And on 7’s too. Which makes me like it even more!! Although he did make the switch recently. Im sure he’ll kill it either way. NOW WA†CH IT!