Christian’s New Unknown LV1.

Christian Meldrum’s new Unknown LV1! So clean. Christian hasn’t had a new bike in over 3 years and now that he’s got a legit build he’s gonna tear up the streets even more.

Frame: Unknown LV1

Fork: Alpina

Headset: Cane Creek

Stem: Thomson x4 Elite

Handlebars/Grips: Deda CronoNero Low Rider Pursuits / Fizik Tape

Front Wheel: Origin 8 42mm Laced to Origin 8

Rear Wheel: Origin 8 42mm Laced to Origin 8

Cog/Lockring: Euro Asia Imports 15t / All-City

Crankset: Sram Omnium 48t

BB: Sram Omnium

Pedals: All-City

Toe Clips: All-City

Toe Straps: All-City

Chain: Izumi Eco

Seatpost: Thomson Elite

Saddle: Charge Spoon

The Workhorse Lives On!

sMc rider Christian Meldrum nearly lost his beloved KHS Flite 100 aka “The Workhorse” today. Things been going strong for almost 3 years now. Heres what happened and what Christian had to say:

“So I was doing a regular wheelie today like nothing and like a idiot started to loose it and didn’t get out of it in time when the front hit the ground I went straight into the curb and the bike hit something denting the back part of it. I was devastated thinking that my bike that I have had for nearly 3 years was gone. luckily the guys a Livery (LDG) were able to help by letting me use a frame bender to bend it back out or in other words bring back to life. This bike should be considered a god for coming back to life. Glad to know I still got the Workhorse with me and hopefully for years to come.”

The dent.

After fixing. (Big thanks to LDG)

It lives!