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Osaka Funny | Summer & Fall 2014

Some seriously killer stuff coming from Osaka Funny out of Japan. Funny’s always been one of my favorite dudes to watch flow on a bike. His trick choice at spots mixed with his buttery style makes for some riding that’s really nice to watch. Killer stuff in this for sure.

Alex Blanco | 2014

It’s been a year since the teaser for this edit dropped. After hope was lost and we thought the project was abandoned, sure enough, here it is in all it’s glory. It’s been a real minute since anything from Blanco has dropped but he’s stayed stacking and stayed killing it. Long ices, clean bars, and buttery lines for days. This edit was really sick. Filmed really well too. First clip was too clean.

Lookback | Snow O’connell

This edit was one of the sickest edits of 2012. Fast paced, creative, filmed and edited properly by DealwithitSF. I’m curious as to if Snow still rides. I heard a 26′ edit was supposed to come out a while ago, but not sure where it went. Anyways, this edit is definitely worth another look or two.