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Wolf Drawn | Knog Contest Entry

Wolf Drawn just posted this insanely sick entry for the Knog “No Ordinary Night” contest featuring Steven Jensen. Digging every aspect of this, the night and day shots lined up perfectly. Link here and give it a “like” to help Matt out!


Insanity coming from Steven Jensen on State Bicycle Co’s 6061 Black Label Bike. Tarck game changers. Barspin to no hander lander wheelie was fucked along with a tailwhip on a legit aluminum track bike. Technical madness. Matt Spencer behind the lens making it all look nice as well. This is worth a few looks.

One More Redbull Edit | Macaframa

This will probably be the last of the 2014 Red Bull Ride + Style edits coming out, and it’s a hell of a one to finish on. Macaframa is the king of production value. Shots always come out clean, HD, and a perfect angle. This recap of the event was put together brilliantly by Colin Arlen and you definitely need to check it out.

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