“RATSHIT” A Short Film By 3B’s

Rad full length that 3B’s just put out called “Ratshit”, inspired by the bike crew based out of Toronto, Canada. Mostly track bike action going on here but at 3:05 some freestyle carnage commences featuring Izik Service and Sam Allgood from the FOAD crew. The aerial shots in these are really nice, this one is worth a look.

Two Strap Krew NYC | Double Feature

Two videos released in the past couple days from the newly formed Two Strap Krew coming out of New York City. Great to see riding coming from there again.

The first is “Joe The Ripper” or Joseph Montano, and damn does the dude rip. Rail game on lock and steezy lines throughout. This edit was killer, can’t wait to see more.

And here’s a bike check from Zee Washington of his Concept Assassin. These frames always build up clean.

CSK Family Values Mixtape.

CSK gave us an early Christmas present: new jackets, and a new family/friends video, and it’s the best Christmas present ever. The video is packed with technical wizardry by tons of different riders. CSK does it right, get a jacket here. If I were Thieth, I’d say this gets a “Fucking Killing It”. So stoked off this. The FOAD clips were my personal favorite. Jackson’s creativity is unrivaled.