The homie with the RATSHIT squad made his way out to Montreal to meet up with Charlie and Dominique and filmed this rad mixtape. Charlie fucking kills it as always and it’s sick to see some footage of Denis and Dom cause they don’t get too much coverage. Digging the VX vibes, looked like a good time for sure. Check this out.

“RATSHIT” A Short Film By 3B’s

Rad full length that 3B’s just put out called “Ratshit”, inspired by the bike crew based out of Toronto, Canada. Mostly track bike action going on here but at 3:05 some freestyle carnage commences featuring Izik Service and Sam Allgood from the FOAD crew. The aerial shots in these are really nice, this one is worth a look.

Jackson Wallace | HEY!

This edit was real sick. A name that hasn’t shined in the spotlight too much doing it big with it. A lot of creative unconventional tricks throughout this. Filmed and edited really well too. My personal favorite was the really long duster at 1:10. Dig this one!

Caught on Hammer Down