Christian Meldrum

Huntington Tarck Session

OG SMC founder Christian Meldrum and myself had a day off at the same time for the first time in a long time, and we decided to grab our track bikes and hit the ride we used to ride every weekend of our high school lives, Huntington Beach. We had a great time. Here’s some pictures I grabbed from the session.

35mm Experimentation

The last few weeks I’ve been going out with our dude Christian Meldrum and testing out his 35mm camera. He just got these shots back and some of them came out pretty cool. More shots after the jump. All photos by Christian Meldrum.

Bombtrack Bicycle Co.

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Introducing: Mash Mondays.

Our main sMc masher, Christian Meldrum, will from now on be taking over the blog on Mondays for some sweet mashing videos, pictures, and more, because sMc is about all kinds of fun on fixed gears, even if its majority freestyle. He will be taking over this whole week with fast bike content. Enjoy, and ride fast.