Ruff just dropped their second mixtape featuring the Ruff squad (Matt, Jacob, Jackson, and Elliott) and homies riding GC Bars. These 4 dudes make for such a sick technical team where you’ll see them running up to a spot and have no idea what they’re gonna pull. Don’t miss this one!



Ramon sent this edit over for me to throw up on the SMC Youtube. It features a HUGE array of riders from and visiting the bay area shredding the shit out of everything in sight. I’ve watched it three times already. Super entertaining with all the different styles going into it. Too much stuff to specifically call out, but Cole, Mike, and Slum were definitely a couple stand outs. Don’t miss this one!

Matt Spencer | Barrier Abubaca

Ever since Matt switched to brakes he’s definitely been taking advantage of the new tricks that are possible with it and has been killing it. This barrier stall is no exception and pulls it off with ease as seen in the Ruff Bike Co. GC Bar Mixtape. Rad shot.


Jackson Bradshaw & Matt Spencer | GC Bar Mixtape Extras

Wolf Drawn just dropped extras from the Ruff GC Bar Mixtape featuring Jackson and Matt. Even after an 8 minute video, these two still manage to pump out 4 minutes worth of extras that are still killer. Check this one out for sure, two of the most creative dudes in the game.


HOLY SHIT. Ruff Bike Co making a fucking wave in the FGFS world with this one. Some of the most innovative and heavy hitting FGFS riders make up the Ruff team and are featured in this video including Jacob Ruff, Matt Spencer, Jackson Bradshaw, and Elliott Milner. The level of creativity in this whole video was insane, but of course that’s what’s expected from this squad of riders. Too many tricks in here to call out, besides the fact that every body in here is looking fucking dialed. You’re gonna have to watch this one at least 5 times to really take in everything you’re seeing here.

The GC bars are looking as dialed as the riding too. Produced by these guys, you know they’re gonna be quality. Support FGFS rider driven brands, snag a pair of Ruff GC Bars HERE. 

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