Wheel Talk | Michael Penrose Alleyway Shots

A ton of content has been coming from Wheel Talk of Michael Penrose since he stayed out there for a week. Here’s some rad shots of Penrose in some alley spot getting up there. Check the whole photo set here.¬†Look for Michael’s part in the upcoming Wheel Talk Full Length that’s in the works.



Josh Boothby & Josh Silva | Woodward West Visit

Josh Boothby headed up to Woodward West this past weekend accompanied by Josh Silva and Dave Lee and pumped out this quick little edit filled with some really smooth riding and solid lines. Boothby’s been out on an injury for a while, but now he’s back and it didn’t even seem to faze him. Sick to see that Josh Silva still rides too, he had some killer tricks in here! This ones worth a couple looks for sure.