Do you have a loved one who rides a fixed gear bike? Are you not sure what to buy for them this holiday? Or are you a fixed gear rider and people keep asking you what you want for the holidays and you just keep shrugging your shoulders saying “I dunno”? Well if you fall into either of these camps, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re a fixed gear rider, just send this article to the next person who asks.

Here I’ll be listing a grip of small fixed gear parts and accessories brands that you can support this holiday to get some stuff that your fixed gear loved one will ACTUALLY be stoked about, rather than that shirt you get them from Tilly’s every year that they pretend to be excited about.

Now if you’re buying a fixed gear rider some gifts, it’ll be tough to buy bike parts. They’re often very specific and on a rider by rider basis, so we won’t be listing very many bike parts. Here we’ll be listing some general components, apparel, and accessory gift ideas that every fixed gear rider is sure to love. Let’s separate these by type:



Hold Fast is a small accessories and straps company based in Baltimore. They’ve been in this scene forever and supporting them is definitely a good moral choice.

Hold Fast is most well known for their pedal straps. No fixed gear rider in the world would complain about getting new pedal straps. They’re always appreciated. (Plus they come in a bunch of fun colors!) These hover around the $50-$60 range.

Their Kletter Backpack is high quality and very competitively priced at $68, which is incredibly cheap for a backpack like this. No bike rider has ever been disappointed in getting a backpack, we can always use more.

They also make a pricier school style backpack, but I personally would rather go with the Kletter.

For a smaller gift, their key chains are a classic design that everybody in the biking scene knows and loves. A timeless piece that will almost surely get used. (They also come in a bunch of fun colors too!)

Tool bags are nice gifts for somebody who doesn’t own one already. If you’re sure they need one or don’t have one, consider getting them one!


Master Bike Co. is a rider owned bike company making some of the best hard goods in the game. You’ll have to know the person you’re buying for well to commit to getting something from Master, but I can recommend the 700c Chopstick fork that they just released. If the person you’re buying for likes doing tricks on their bike, they’ll almost certainly appreciate this one.


If your fixed gear riding gift receiver is in need of some new rubber, look no further. These Soma Everwear tires are some of the best in the game (even better than Gatorskins). They also come in a bunch of sizes. I’d double check with them to see which size they need though, even if it’ll ruin the element of surprise.


YNOT is a canadian based strap and accessory company similar to Hold Fast. While they haven’t been as active in supporting the scene, they make some great pedal straps for a great price. Plus they’ve got a serious stack of colors to choose from! Any rider would be happy to receive a pair of these.

Like I said before, you can never go wrong with backpacks, and YNOT makes some of the best bags in the game. These ones are higher quality than the Hold Fast bags, which naturally means they’re pricier. They’ve got an overwhelming amount of style, size, and color options to choose from though all ranging from the $150-$500 price range. These images below are just a few samples of bags they make, you can see their whole collection here!

The AV Pac
The Rucksack
The Wildland Scout

Of course, a company that makes this kind of stuff is bound to make some great accessories. Here’s a few that I personally dig:

Saddle Roll Bag
U-Lock Holster
Hip / Shoulder Bag


MASH SF is a one stop shop for most fixed gear needs. They offer a wide variety of their own quality parts and accessories as well as distribute many other products through their store. Here’s some products on their store that riders are sure to love:


Fun top caps are always appreciated. They’re a non expensive, subtle ways to spice up any bike and Mash offers a large large amount of fun custom top caps. Full collection here

Oil Slick
Keep Moving Forward

Here’s some other MISC products MASH offers that I’d recommend as gifts:

Fresh chains are always nice. MASH sells Izumi chains, which are some of the highest quality chains on the market!

MASH Classic Shield Pin
MASH Shield Patch
MASH Sticker Packs
MASH Wool Socks
MASH Gym Sock


Zulu Fixed is another small cycling accessories brand making products out of the Ukraine. They make quality products for a great price.

The Explorer Bag is a fun handlebar mounted bag. I don’t see these too often and it’s a great way to conveniently lug around some stuff. Looks cool too!

Their pedal straps are quality for a lower price compared to the Hold Fast and YNOT straps I mentioned earlier. If you’re on more of a budget, these are a great choice.


If you want some gift ideas that are on the safer side, clothing is a great option and will almost always get some good use. Here’s some of my personal favorite cycling apparel brands that you should support:


The name Wheel Talk is synonymous with fixed gear bikes. I assure you that if you’re buying for a fixed gear rider, they know about and will appreciate some Wheel Talk apparel.

Calligraphy Long Sleeve
Textured Logo Shirt


CSK socks are legendary, plain and simple. The best of the best wear CSK socks to shred in. These are a no-brainer.


FOAD Gang is another staple in the fixed gear scene that everybody knows and loves. They have 4 pages worth of merch to choose from, below are some of my favorites. Browse the full collection here!

Knit Beanie
Night Watcher Hoodie
Shred Til Ur Dead Hat
Skeleton Tee
Sticker Pack


Ruff is a rider owned brand who specializes in frames and parts. Their bike products are a bit specialized to recommend, but they have some merch that I do recommend.

Cuff Long Sleeve
Lone Star Beanie
Die-Cut Sticker


SLOWWHEELZ is an up and coming cycling brand doing some good things in the community. Their merch has a nice fit and is good quality, would recommend!

SlowWheelz Tee
Turtle Logo Tee


Last but not least, yours truly has merch available! If you like what we do and would like to support us, we offer a small variety of products listed here:

Sad Flower Cap
SFC Long Sleeve
SFC Hoodie
Sticker Pack

If you made it this far, big thanks for checking out the article! Hopefully this helped narrow down the decisions on some holiday shopping. Share this article with anyone else struggling to buy gifts for your local fixed gear family and friends. Until next time, happy holidays y’all!

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