This is huge. Matt Reyes was recently interviewed by the colossal apparel store Urban Outfitters; off chance you’ve never heard of them. In the interview Matt shined light on our niche sport and talked about his lifestyle all while being very eloquent in typical Matt Reyes fashion. Really intriguing read since Matt is such an interesting guy. Get some insight in to the mind of Slumworm himself and check it out HERE.

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“Graphic designer by day, urban bicyclist by night, San Francisco creative Matt Reyes expresses himself in a variety of ways. We spent a day with Matt on the west coast to get a small glimpse of how he uses these outlets for creative expression and get the low down on the bike sport’s rapid comeback.”


Photos by Daniel Dent

Stoked On Fixed Bikes | Issue 20

Another issue of the popular free online magazine, Stoked On Fixed Bikes, just went up. Plenty of Fixed Freestyle goodness mixed in this one including an interview with Zane Meyer, Ines Brunn, a rundown of the complete Bombtrack Divide, some nice photos of Tadashi Nakamura, and more.