GTK | Gus Molina

It’s been a while since we’ve done a GTK Interview, but what better way to get the ball rolling again than with a legend like Gus Molina. Insanely talented graphic designer by day, Fixed Gear superstar by night (and weekends), get to know Gus Molina below. Photos by Dave Beard and Matt Reyes.


SMC: You’ve been a staple in FGFS from the beginning and we can all safely say you are one of the pioneers of the sport. When and what got you into riding fixed gear bikes?

Gus | First off thank you for even thinking that I’m very humbled 🙂 I’ve been riding bikes in general since I was a wee lil lad, but as far as riding fixed gears since 09? thats more or less a rough estimate on that one. What got me onto riding fixed gears specifically was my friend Max he was doing some traveling at the time and saw some dudes doing it on the east coast and thought I would be into it so he brought me back a raleigh conversion frame & fork, the crazy part too was he was traveling by freight train so he had this thing strapped to his back in an empty box car. It was cool that he did that for me too because at the time I wasn’t really riding so that got me back into bikes for good.


SMC: What are some of your interests outside of riding bikes?

Gus | I like to do a lot of different things outside of riding. I recently adopted two kittens so I like to play with them, I know it sounds corny but you haven’t lived till you’ve played with some kittens and a laser pointer. I also like hiking / lurking and being in places I’m not suppose to be. If I’m not doing any of those things I’m either drawing/designing or just livin’.


-(Just a few examples of Gus’ artwork / design)
SMC: What does a typical non riding day consist of for you?

Gus | A typical non riding day for my would probably start off with my girlfriends first alarm clock going off, Im a sicko because I actually like getting up early too. Ill get out of bed get dressed hang with the kittens for a bit then ride to work. I work full time so most of the time Im day dreaming of being on my bike or anywhere but work. Usually when I’m off I will try and catch quick sesh somewhere, I have a few pretty good spots near my work so I’m pretty lucky in that regards. When I’m doing riding/hanging Ill usually go home and my lady and I will cook some food and kick it.

SMC: What does a typical riding day consist of?

Gus | Hitting up the homies to try and link at some spot to ride and kick it. The little crew I ride with has a lot of different riding styles so well go from riding a parking lot to some funky set up, so its really nice to mix it up and to have all the styles influences each other.


SMC: How have you been digging the move up to the bay?

Gus | Its Great! took us about a year to get settled but love it has everything I’m into right now and plus its a beautiful area. Honestly one of the biggest reason of moving here, the vibe just feels good here.

-(Gus featured in the latest SHMOB video, their Bay Area FGFS crew)
SMC: What have been your favorite web edit and full length pieces that you’ve been involved with so far?

Gus | Man thats a tough question! The web edit that came to my head first was the chain gang edit because it was really fucking awesome to see everyone together like that, it had been far to long since a jam like that. Grassroots jams like that one and the smc comp are so great for the scene. For the full lengths Id have to say Revoked, s/o 2 fonseca.

-(Chain Gang, by Turf)
-(The legendary Revoked DVD, by Chris Fonseca)
SMC: Got anything in the works as far as videos go?

Gus | Yes sir! I’ve been working on a new solo joint for the elusive Master. Should be out some time in the new year.

SMC: You’ve been riding a mysterious black frame lately that goes by the name of Master. Anything you can reveal to us about that?

Gus | All I can say is that it IS the best feeling frame I’ve ridden since starting FGFS and the frames will be dropping in 2017, thats all i can say right now. Its all hush hush right now 🙂


-(Gus’ current Master build)
SMC: Who are some of your favorite dudes to watch on a bike right now?

Gus | OOOOF! I dont know, theres a lot of people I like but if had to pick on a FGFS its a toss up between Andy Sparks, Snow, or Watcha. All shredders!

SMC: Favorite edit of all time?

Gus | Wolf Drawn‘s black magic!

-(Black Magic, by Wolf Drawn)
SMC: Music you’ve been jamming to as of lately?

Gus | Ive been jamming to a lot of Jonwayne lately, eevee, warpaint, and om are some I’ve been jamming to while riding.

SMC: What happened to Altar and do you have anything else planned to replace it?

Gus | Well a lot of unfortunate events went down behind the scenes of the brand that led to us having to dismantle it, but I’ve been cooking up some things on my free time. You might see something coming real soon not to replace it but just a whole new thing. Altar was never really my brain child, I was brought into it. So the new project will have a completely different direction. I hope to get it going soon 🙂

-(RIP Altar)
SMC: You’ve been known to shralp tranny pretty good but we all know you’re a beast in the streets too. Which one do you enjoy more?

Gus | I honestly like riding whatever but if I had to choose Id have to say riding street is my favorite because It takes you all over the place and the set ups aren’t perfect on the streets so theres always that element to it that I really enjoy. I do like going to a skatepark park though time to time.


-(This pool is steep as hell in person)
SMC: Favorite trick to throw around right now?

Gus | I think Nollie feeble are my favorite now, its just such a tight feeling when it locks in!

SMC: Shoutouts?

Gus | My wonderful Girlfriend Emily for always being there for me, especially when I get hurt riding! haha All my boys I ride with on the regular s/o to them for adopting me into the group. ALL MY GROUP CHAT BOYZ! Masters, my kittens, any one I’ve every met riding. A big thanks to you for keeping the scene alive. Gus out.


-(Gus @ Pink Taco)

Big shoutout to Gus for being down to be interviewed. Let us know who you want to get to know next!


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