forest parker

Turf Bikes | “Word Is Bond” Premieres

Turf just released this little edit featuring some footage from the Word Is Bond premieres along with some riding that went down before the events. Killer stuff in here on and off the bike. Dig it.

And if for some reason you haven’t seen “Word Is Bond” yet, GET ON THAT SHIT

Forest Parker | 2012-13 Scraps

It’s been forever since we’ve seen anything from Forest, but every time he drops something, it’s pure fire. Hell, even his two year old scraps are killer! He’s easily one of the most stylish dudes on and off a bike. So fluent, so snappy, so much bike control. Worth the watch for sure. I really hope he has something in the works though, it’s been too long since we’ve seen a stacked Forest edit.

EDIT: Just realized I said a lot of the same stuff Jmik over at BHSK said. Check out his blog for tons of original content and more than just FGFS stuff.