Can’t Fool The Youth 3 DVD Review + Premiere Photos

The Can’t Fool The Youth series has become a staple in the FGFS scene, and people can always count on it to feature great riders with killer variety and content. The 3rd edition to this series is finished and has been premiering around the world the past couple months. The first premiere in San Francisco was extremely last minute, but still managed to pull in a big audience. The next premiere in Thailand was a huge success. Loads of people from all across Thailand ventured to the premiere and judging be the responses, got people really stoked. The premiere in LA recently was also a success with a great turn out. It was the first time the DVD/Book was available for purchase and over 30 DVD’s sold. Now, onto the DVD.





The Book

The DVD comes in a hard cover book featuring a combination of riding and lifestyle pictures from a bunch of different riders.



Then at the back, comes your DVD neatly tucked away.




The DVD is jam packed full of content. It features a full length road trip section (Roughly 15 minutes) of Dew and Jaoa as they travel worldwide together filled with fast pace riding, mind blowing technicality, and bangers like no other. Next, you get to spend the day with fixed gear superstar Michael Chacon in his “Day in the Life” section. The friends section follows, featuring a vast sea of different riders and different styles from across the globe, and banger as expected from CFTY friend’s section parts. After that is JBall’s (my) section, and then Jonathan Davis’ section piled high with bangers.

The DVD came out great and you get a quality book with it for $30. It should be available on the Chop Em Down Films site soon, and will be announced when it does. Huge shoutout to Zane Meyer for giving me the opportunity to be part of this project and being the master mind behind this awesome series.

The L.A. Premiere

The premiere at The 7th Letter store in LA was packed full of familiar faces and really good vibes from everybody. Also there was a nice little touch, the room in the back had a photo exhibition featuring a lot of different fixed gear related images. Here’s just a few photos I was able to pull from the whole event.

IMG_2620 IMG_2621 IMG_2622 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2626 IMG_2628 IMG_2630 IMG_2631


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