Ratpack | Joe Mckeag MLK Session

Ratpack joints are always so sick. One of the best filmers involved with Fixed Gear in my opinion. He teams up with Couch in this one to bring a short + sweet little skatepark session, Joe killing it as expected. If you know that skatepark, you’ll know that the wheelie 180 ender is so sketchy cause of how slippery that park is. Check it.

sMc YOUNG GUNS | Skatepark Quickie

Yesterday the sMc crew took a trip to MLK skatepark in Long Beach for a little sesh and to hype up the Young Guns video we’ve been filming for for the past year. All these riders except myself will have a part in the team video along with four others. The end is near. April.


Miguel Zendejas

Jacob Santos

Robert Rice

Johnathan Ball