Ratpack Lucas sent over this edit for us to post up on our Youtube Channel. Super glad he did because this edit is really really sick featuring all the SF cats. Lucas always comes through with crispy filming and on point editing. Paired up with riding from these dudes makes for the great Ratpack edits you know and love. Click play and watch Matt Reyes, Ramon Antonio, Gus Molina, Mike Schmitt, and more shred the streets of SF. Happy 4/20.

Ratpack | Joe Mckeag MLK Session

Ratpack joints are always so sick. One of the best filmers involved with Fixed Gear in my opinion. He teams up with Couch in this one to bring a short + sweet little skatepark session, Joe killing it as expected. If you know that skatepark, you’ll know that the wheelie 180 ender is so sketchy cause of how slippery that park is. Check it.

Ratpack | Cole & Phil

Ratpack Lucas came down a while back and got some filming done with his new HD camera. He always knows how to cut together and film an edit properly. This features some sick shredding from Cole Ruffing, and a rare appearance by Phil Arellano. Phil has been spending most of his time behind the lens lately, and you can catch all his photos that go up on Locked Cog. Cole’s riding is steezy to say the least and it’s great to see some newer riding from Phil.