shane hunt

Gus Molina + Shane Hunt Chill Clips

Shane is has been consistent keeping his insta (@shmob_shane) filled with FGFS content. Here’s a bunch of clips himself and Gus Molina have been stacking up during chill sessions. Gus is insanely dialed these days and Shane has been progressing a lot too, jib mastery the whole way through. Worth a few looks and some double takes for sure. #SHMOB2015


3rd episode of the Turf Tuesday series is the best one thus far. Tons of great clips from the squad in this one including Matt Reyes, Mike Schmitt, Ian Walker, and Shane Hunt. Along with some great riding, these dudes are real entertaining off the bike as well, that ender was gold. Slum’s riding has been getting cleaner and cleaner with every video I’ve seen of him lately, which didn’t seem like something that was possible, but sure enough it is. Mike’s riding is always one of my favorites to watch too. The double to bar at 2:00 was super clean, especially for someone who doesn’t throw bars that often. Stoked to see riding from Ian and Shane, dudes stay under the radar for the most part so it’s cool seeing them get some coverage. This edit rules and I’m excited to see more upcoming episodes of this series. Check this out for sure.