Chackong, a bike manufacturer out of China, recently dropped a ton of new products via instagram and this shit looks pretty solid for a great price. Not too sure about the geo and specific info about these products, but they look solid and they ship worldwide. Here’s what Samten had to say about their products: “Chackong from China, engaged in the fixed gear bicycle industry five years, we attach importance to cultural development of single-speed bike, and now we have the popular and high quality products to the rest of the world, if interested, contact us at”

So email for inquiries. Prices listed below. More after the jump.

Samten “Navigate” 4 Piece Bars – $30

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.26.11 AM


Wheel Talk | Jimmy Watcha’s Pagan Build

Jimmy’s new whip is definitely an NBD in FGFS. Oil slick paint job looking too sick. As of where to order these frames is totally unknown, but you can hit them a follow at @pagan_fixed on the Instagram and maybe shoot them a DM for inquiries. More shots of this build at Wheel Talk.

JimmyWatcha_PaganBikes_BikeCheck_FGFS JimmyWatcha_PaganBikes_BikeCheck_Headtube1