Touring the Master Headquarters

While in Seattle, we head over to the Master Bike Co. headquarters, aka Kareem Shehab’s crib, and he was nice enough to take us on a tour of his very impressive collection of fixed gear memorabilia he’s gathered throughout the years. Enjoy!

JBall’s Courttek Bike Check (Part 1)

Finally got to snap some pics of my current Courttek build in Trick Track mode. While it may not be the prettiest Courttek out of all the beautiful ones I’ve seen popping up, it’s built for function and is an absolute Trick Track machine. FGFS mode on this same frameset coming soon. Full gallery and rundown after the jump!



While this was supposed to be a promo for the recently released Courttek frames, the unusual amounts of rain in SoCal lately delayed filming. The frames selling out in under a week from release didn’t help either.

All that aside though, I was still excited to finish this one up and show the world the capabilities of the Courttek frame with both flat ground Trick Track riding AND spot oriented FGFS riding. Hope you enjoy!

FOAD Gang – Courttek Build

While Jackson already released a very ASMR style Courttek video, he decided to make a more in depth look at his build with a lot of fun commentary about the bike + some riding. Watched this from front to back without getting bored at all, loving this. Great build!

New FOAD flame collection here


In today’s episode we invited #2 ranked Trick Track rider in the world Max Corcoran onto the show! We discuss Australia’s scene, why Max won’t switch from 700c, sponsorships, and more. Enjoy!