JD & Congo’s split section from Stay Strapped just got uploaded by Wolf Drawn. Two OG killers sharing a section in a legendary FGFS DVD, what could be better? If for some reason you still don’t own a DVD, you’re fucking up. Snag one here.

Matt Reyes | Bike Check

Wheel Talk just posted up a rundown and a little review about his Bombtrack 2015 Dash. See what Matt had to say and some more detailed shots here!


Bombtrack_DashComplete_MattReyesBikeCheck_HelixV2Tires_FGFS_FullRes Bombtrack_DashComplete_MattReyesBikeCheck_BombtrackFatPaddedPivotalSeat_FGFS_FullRes

FRAME: Bombtrack Dash
HANDLEBAR: Bombtrack Dash
FORK: Bombtrack Dash
GRIPS: Bombtrack
BARENDS: Bombtrack
STEM: TURF Slingshot
HEADSET: Bombtrack
SEAT: Bombtrack
CRANKS: Bombtrack Major 175mm
BB: Bombtrack
PEDALS: Shadow Metal Pedals
SPROCKETS: Spike 27t Steel Sprocket
GEAR: 27 / 9
CHAIN: Shadow Halflink
TIRES: Bombtrack Bicycle Co. “Helix V2″ 26″x2.2
WHEELS: Bombtrack
PEGS: TURF Nightsticks
TIRE PRESSURE: 50-60 psi

Bas Arnon | Skatepark Quickie

SO hyped on this. Thai young gun Bas Arnon kills this skatepark in this quick one. Everything looking super dialed, especially for how young he is (15 I think?). This kid is definitely one to watch in the future. If he sticks with it, I can only imagine how good he’ll be when he’s older. Check this one out for sure.

FOAD | Concrete Waves

Such a sick skatepark edit from the FOAD crew plus Matt Spencer. Dudes slay the park with technical and original style as expected from all these guys. You never know what these guys are gonna do when they’re approaching a setup. Digging all the different rail rides in this too, worth a few looks for sure!