Devon Lawson In Thailand

After not seeing the dude for about a year it was good to see Devon and catch up. One of the sharpest dudes on and off a bike. Here’s some portrait photos I shot while we were out riding street plus a suicide no-hander that Sellers took. Oh, and scope the¬†sMc sticker on his down tube. Stoked on that. More photos after the jump.


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Lookback | FOAD x Still Pour In SF

Ride + Style does a great job at uniting fixed gear riders from across the globe. This FOAD and Still Pour collab video from last year’s event is the epitome of the Red Bull weekend: riding bikes with your buds. Can’t wait to see all these dudes again in less than a month.


I documented the majority of my experience in Bangkok, Thailand and will be releasing the pictures in segments with a combination of riding, lifestyle, and other random shit off both my DSLR and phone camera. It was an amazing experience with the best dudes. The differences in culture, food, weather, and everything in between were almost polar opposites compared to the states. Overall, the people are nicer, the weather is hotter, everything is cheaper, and the riding is intense. All the people riding out there have so much passion and so much fun with it. Very thankful to have taken part in the scene. This wouldn’t have been possible without Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Zane Meyer, and Petch. Other thanks to Dew, Jaoa, Nat, JD, and everybody else who made sure we didn’t kill ourselves out there. THANK YOU THAILAND!


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Cole Ruffing | 1 Spot 2 Days

Some sick jibby stuff from Cole. Real technical stuff here that you have to look at closely to see what’s really going on. Day two clips are banger. Footjam nollie 3 is crazy sick. Cole is one of my favorite dudes to watch and never ceases to¬†disappoint. Check it out.


The first showing in Southern California for the Can’t Fool The Youth 3 DVD is this Friday at The Seventh Letter store in LA. Details on the flyer!


Us Versus Them | Thailand Photos

A few shots from the Thailand Takeover trip from myself and Jason Sellers got thrown up on the Us Versus Them blog. Check them out here. Photo by Jason Sellers.

I’ll be posting up some of the photos I got from this trip later this week, stay tuned.