Andy Sparks | Dreams

This edit is fucking sick. Andy Sparks takes riding and adds an old school flavor with a unique style with his mix of slider tricks and other tricks that really use the drive chain to his advantage. That ender was so tight. All these tricks are tight. Check it.

Cole Ruffing | Footjam 180

Cole’s fluent style mixed with his creative approach to riding makes for some seriously wild looking tricks. One trick that he can do that I’ve never seen anyone else mess with is the footjam 180’s he does off ledges. Snapped this pic the other day riding in Long Beach. To see it in action, check out his part in Young Guns here!


Can’t Fool The Youth 3 | Johnathan Ball

Zane just dropped my part from the Can’t Fool The Youth 3. I’m pretty hyped on how it came out. A lot of blood and sweat went in to it, mostly blood, so I hope you enjoy it. JD’s section should be dropping within a few weeks as well, so look forward to that. Pick up a copy of the DVD here.