Blacksunday | Thailand Storm Riding

When the rainy season comes around in Thailand, the riders over there have some sick indoor parks to turn to along with some great riders to fill these skateparks. Riders including Nuttapong, Petch, Jump, and others have some seriously sick tricks in here. Nuttapong is a machine on a bike. This edit was killer.

Ed Wonka | Ratpack Solo

Turf just released this video of Ed Wonka shredding it up with Ratpack behind the lens. Anything Ratpack puts out is always quality, so teamed up with Wonka makes for a killer duo. Ice to smith was sick and the Ed signature tooth hangover ender is always insane.

Robert Rice | Forever Jibbin’

Our dude Robert Rice coming in with a short & sweet little edit with some jib/techy gold. His style is so fluent and his tricks are real unique making Robert one of my favorite dudes to watch. Loved the line at 0:22. So hyped he’s a part of sMc. Doin’ it for LDG!