Cole Ruffing | ColeClipsV2

Second installment of “ColeClips” with our dude Cole Ruffing. The vibe of these are really raw. Cole’s tricks are really unique too, always thinking outside the box and doing it with style too. 1:15 was my favorite for sure, so techy. If you haven’t seen the first one, check it out here!

Matt Spencer | Tempe Pool

Matt recently moved out to Arizona and has been riding with Steven Jensen a ton. Really hyped on this shot that recently dropped on Wolf Drawn of him carving an abandoned pool. Steep tranny¬†is not easy. Also, Congo is supposed to be moving out to Arizona and living with Matt soon, so the FGFS scene in Arizona will be poppin’. Stoked to see what comes of it.


Royal HC | One Day w/ Marco & JBall

Here’s some footage that we got a year ago on an outing with myself, Royal HC, and Marco Marquez. Even a year later, the footage is still really good. Marco’s wheelie 3 was insane. Virtually untouched by other riders. (Jimmy Watcha in “Word Is Bond”) Check it out. I always dig raw footage.

Jonathan Davis | Can’t Fool The Youth 3 Section

Zane with Chop Em’ Down Films has slowly been releasing the parts from the recent Can’t Fool The Youth 3 DVD. First was Dew + Jaoa’s trip, then¬†mine, now JD’s is up. JD has no fear. Few people can touch him on his rail game. But he can also have a technical / jibby approach to spots. The dude put so much work in to this part suffering numerous injuries during filming and going balls out to bring you the best part in the DVD. Check it out. Hammers for days.