Izik Service | Gang Signs Extras

Seeing footage from Izik always gets me stoked. The dude has such a fast pace energetic style that really doesn’t compare to anybody else’s riding. He 180’s anything with any pedal setting which is fucking sick. For being extras, they’re pretty killer. If you haven’t seen his full part in FOAD Gang signs yet, watch it free here or pick up a DVD!

Wheel Talk | Aerodynamics Reflective 3/4 Tee

Wheel Talk just dropped a clean new limited run baseball tee. There’s only 30 of these available, and with the popularity of Wheel Talk, these are bound to go quick. Swoop while you can here!


Justin Schual 2014

This seemed to come out of nowhere. Justin dropped a teaser not too long ago so I didn’t expect this to be out so soon. Theres some serious grind combinations in here along with that iller ice hard 180 at the end. He’s been quiet but rest assured he’s been killing it.


This was such an awesome video to wake up to. Wheel Talk has been dropping pictures and screenshots of this trip ever since they went on it last year but put the edit on the back burner. They finally wrapped it up and dropped it, and even a year later, all the tricks are still fire. Matt always knows how to put things together right too. Such a great vibe on this that makes me really wanna go on another trip with my bike. Seriously, this was so good. You need to watch this. Of course you can expect quality when it’s coming from the Wheel Talk crew! Check out the awesome photos that came from the trip here too.