Bringing in the new year I decided to take some fresh pics of my current RUFF Sleeper build. While it’s not exactly a fresh build since I’ve been running the same Frame and Fork since May 2018 (longest I’ve had a single frame and especially fork), the build got some fresh components since i first posted pics of the build. Read more for some words and thoughts about the bike and a parts breakdown for 2020.



I’ve taken this trusty steed to hell and back. Numerous falls, big impacts, under rotating tricks: all of these things are reasons my frames and especially forks fall apart within months. I think the longest I stayed on a Bombtrack frame was about a year, and that was only cause of the 6 month break from my bike cause of my foot injury.


So am I impressed? Absolutely. The bike has a lot of cosmetic damage from falling a lot, but nothing major has failed on the frame yet (see large dent on top tube above for reference. It’s been like that for a year and is still holding up perfectly). Not only is the bike bomb proof, but I’ve managed to learn so many new tricks in a short amount of time, adjusting to the small bike from my 29er builds with almost no buffer period.


So what’s fresh on the bike for 2020? If you can recall, I first outfitted the bike with all tan components. I loved it, but it was time to switch it up. 2020 we’re going in with an all raw, chrome, and black build. Ruff made a batch of chrome GC bars for the team (coming to production soon) so I’ve been rocking these beauties for a little while now. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a pair of chrome bars, so I was beyond excited about that.


The tan S&M tires looked cool, but at a whopping 2.4″ they were weighing me down. I switched to some classic Resist Nomad rubber and I’ve been jamming ever since. While adding Resist tires, it was time to retire my Resist Brown saddle. It’s seen better days. I replaced it with a Sean Ricany black Cult saddle with a cool tiger on it.


My Resist cranks that I first put on the bike cracked a month ago, so I picked up a pair of Fit black cranks from EPIC as well as a fresh LDG 30t sprocket for an all black look where my feet go.



That’s about it as far as new parts go. Here’s a rundown of the entire bike in case you need a refresher. Give Ruff a follow on IG @ruffbikeco or us at @suckmycog for news on the exclusive Ruff Bike Co product drops!


Frame | Ruff Bike Co Sleeper

Fork | Ruff Bike Co Sleeper

Handlebars | Ruff Bike Co 6.5″ GC Bars

Grips | S&M Hoder

Stem | Odyssey RAFT

Front Wheel | Ruff Can Rim laced to Bombtrack Hub

Rear Wheel | Ruff Can Rim laced to Bombtrack 10t Hub

Tires | Resist Nomad

Cranks | Fit 19mm

Sprocket | Livery Design Gruppe 19mm 30t

Straps | Royal HC

Seatpost | BSD

Seat | Cult Sean Ricany Pivotal

Pegs | Stranger / Cult


Thank you Ruff for all the support. Exciting things coming this year. Photos of me by Suzie Meyer.

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