IF YOU WATCH ONE THING THIS WEEK, MAKE IT THIS EDIT. Heavy fucking squad in this one with the Foadies and the Ruffians. These dudes are putting it on for the scene right now and are playing a heavy part in keeping it alive. Don’t miss this.

Wolf Drawn | park-RAT

Wolf Drawn just dropped this hefty 5 minute park edit featuring the AZ squad plus Jacob Ruff. These dudes are some of the best in the game and never cease to amaze with their riding. Too much stuff in here to really comprehend so watching it a few times is a must. So much style packed into one edit. Don’t miss this one! Featuring Matt Spencer, Elliott Milner, Jacob Ruff, Ian Walker, Justin Congo Mitchell, and Mike Schmitt.

Sesh Tape Vol 14

Sesh Tape is getting deeper and deeper in to its legacy and the content is still better than ever. Matt always puts in the best B-Roll along with the best riding making for every video being entertaining as fuck. This one features a grip of different riders with different styles. Worth a few watches for sure. Sick to see some footage of Kareem. Congo’s riding looking real dialed in here.