BHSK | Ride + Style 2014 Coverage

Jereme with Bomb Hills Speed Kills just posted up his footage from the 2014 Ride + Style event. This is actually the first real edit we’ve seen from the event, and it’s got some real good coverage. Valentin’s truck was legendary. Check it out.


A very interesting and accurate rant just got upped by Jmik on Bomb Hills Speed Kills. Some very good points were brought up about the support this sport is receiving and how little riders give back to the sport, along with the mentality that if you can do a 360 you deserve to have everything handed to you, but that isn’t how it works. In the comments section, Jackson Bradshaw had some extremely good points as well. I suggest you read it here. Thanks for the shoutout Jackoff.

In conclusion, if we don’t give back to this sport, and if we aren’t passionate about this sport we’ve contributed so hard to make a legitimate thing, it is going to die. Riders are dropping like flies. It’s up to us to keep this sport alive. This sport is important to a lot of people, including myself. If it dies, I know I’ll still be riding, it would just be nice to keep having people to ride with.