Bike Check | ∆NTHEM Ritual Complete

Just got sent to me the first look in to the brand new Anthem Ritual complete that our dude Miguel Zendejas will be shredding. Here’s the rundown.

Frame | Anthem Ritual

Fork | Ritual 408

Handlebars | Antler 5.75

Grips | Eclàt Zap

Stem | Cult Salvation

Headset | Eclàt Dual

Rims | H Plus Son Todestrieb

Hubs | Bombtrack Owl

Hubguards | Bomtrack Owl

Tires | Bombtrack Helix 2.2

Pegs | Eclàt Venom

Seatpost | Eclàt Torch

Seat | Royal HC reupholstered Odyssey

BB | Cult

Sprocket | Bombtrack Chromatic 28t

Cranks | Bombtrack Major

Pedals | Demolition

Straps | Royal HC V3

Chain | Eclàt half link


Photo | Royal HC



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