Potential | Aaron Keokham, Riga Raw, Chainminator MY Team

Here’s a few videos I found of some dudes who have some serious potential.

Aaron Keokham with a parking lot solo dolo of him dialing in some tricks. Homie’s been busy with school so it’s good to see he’s still finding time to ride.

Riga Raw is a compilation of a crew out of somewhere in Europe at one of their comps I posted a little while ago along with some street clips and partying. Pretty sick.

I’ve never heard of Chainminator MY, but it looks like they’re forming a little team and added some dudes with some skills for sure.

Norazlan Aziz going in. Also doin’ it for Proto Retention System.

Arif Safuan with a dialed fakie wheelie.

Jackson Bradshaw + Evan Service | Royal HC Quick Clip

Probably my favorite Royal HC Quick clip so far. The potential to fuck up on this is huge, so this one really stood out in my mind. FOAD dudes always kill it.

If you haven’t checked out the new FOAD Beanies, scope them here.