Stoked when I saw this one go up. The FGFS Malaysia dudes put in some real work for this one. It took them two and a half years to finish this little bit cause of work and school, we definitely feel you on that one over here. Loved the mix and approach to spots on this. Spots out there look few and far between so it’s sick to see these dudes make so much of so little. That fakie wheelie line at the 8 minute mark was crazy and Jaka seriously knows how to lace lines together. Seriously so stoked to see dudes are still trying to put together longer projects, you don’t see that too often these days. Don’t miss this one!

Jaka for Damson Clothing

This was a real treat to find on a Friday afternoon. Jaka coming out of the woodworks in Malaysia for Damson Clothing absolutely killing it. Everything super dialed and a few hammers towards the end for sure. Feeble drop looked huge and the ender was too slick. Definitely give this one a few looks.