We just released our picks for the top FGFS riders from 2021, aka the SMCGR. Here’s a detailed look at each of our picks.


Here are our picks for riders on the verge of top 10, aka The Cusp:

Antonyo is an FGFS legend. After picking up the bike again after a 5+ year hiatus, he still has what it takes to ride at a top level. Newer heads, pay close attention to the greatness this man can accomplish on a bike this year.

Sebastian out of Colombia is newer to the FGFS scene, but he’s quickly rising the ranks and making a name for himself. Good style and trick choice makes him one to watch out for this year.

Pablo is also a newer head, but his powerful riding is starting to turn heads. Tons of potential waiting to explode with this dude.

An FGFS legend still doing it big. Nasty is a one-of-a-kind rider, always doing things his way and paying no attention to whats popular. The only complaint I have about his riding is that I don’t see enough of it!

Kang is a snappy rider out of Korea that I’ve been enjoying watching ride a lot. He has a ton of pop with his tricks and can link lines like a chain link fence. Hopefully he sticks with it, cause I can see him going far.

It may come as a surprise to not see Miguel in the top 10. While skill wise he deserves the most, we couldn’t justify the lack of content over some of the others dudes putting in the work. Miguel is one of the greatest to ever touch a fixie though, never forget that.

TOP 10:

Now we get into the top 10. Remember that this isn’t just a list of the best riders period. It’s a combination of style, creativity, difficulty, consistency, and hard work. (Also competition results if applicable, but there haven’t been very many contests since covid.)


RSK has been killing it for a long time now. He’s remained one of Japan’s top riders since 2013 and is always a threat at competitions. Taking first place at the only FGFS competition in 2021 (The Fukuoka Loco) and some banging IG clips was enough for Ryosuke to take the 10 spot.


Marco put out the most content in 2020 and earned the #1 spot on last years list. Although the content from him died down in 2021, his skill is shooting to the moon. The only thing holding Marco back from being higher up on the list was his mild hiatus last year. Fingers crossed we get to see more this year.


Tang came seemingly out of nowhere and started to blow minds quickly. His collection of NBD’s is impressive and if he sticks to it, I can see him outshining everybody. The second half of 2021 though, the FGFS bike was nowhere to be found and seems to be replaced with a BMX bike. Lets hope he’s not done for good.


Justin is one of the longest standing riders on this list. He was winning contests before you even knew what a fixed gear bike was, and he continues to be a top rider to this day. Every day he looks more and more comfortable on his bike, so look out for the big things this big man is doing.


Tech god of the 21st century Jimmy Watcha continues to reign supreme with the unmatched Brandon Begin style street shredding. Don’t get it twisted though, he’ll throw down a huge rail when he feels like it too.


Bombay really had a glow up this year. Being introduced as a pro for Master in 2021 let him get a proper bike and he’s been exponentially progressing ever since. He stays linking difficult tech lines together like no one’s business and he’s quickly become one of my favorite riders to watch.


Chase has that style that you wish you had. Effortless flow, consistent content, and a strong all around skillset on the bike makes Chase one of the strongest forces on an FGFS bike today.


Speaking of strong all around skillsets, Matt can’t be touched on a lot of fronts: transition riding, brake tricks, and effortlessly jumping insane gaps. Not to mention he’s been a top rider since 2009 with no breaks on the bike since then. That’s an impressive feat on its own.


Better known as Matt Bastard, Matt’s creative eye for tricks and spots is hard to come by. Although he has a solid foundation of basic tricks, Matt chooses to ride using his 3rd eye and consistently impresses the community with mind blowing technical creativity. He also posts an IG edit seemingly every week. Never a dull moment from him!


I swear we’re not being biased. Chase has had the biggest come up over the last few years without a doubt. He can do literally anything he puts his mind to on a bike and consistently puts out pro BMX level tricks on his Ruff build. Ledge / rail tech, huge handrails, big drops, barspin variations; you name it, he’s got it. Chase earns himself the number 1 spot for this year’s SMCGR.

Stay tuned for the Trick Track SMCGR coming later this week and let us know your thoughts on our list this year. Get to work and start hustling to get yourself a spot on the list next year!

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