Today we release our picks for the top 10 Trick Track riders from last year. Here’s a detailed look at all of our picks:


Here’s our picks for riders just outside of the top 10, aka The Cusp.

Robert has cemented himself into the scene over the last few years. Although his style is leaning more towards FGFS these days, his Trick Track skills are still sharp as ever.

Oskar is a wild one to watch. He’s got the basics down, but where he really shines are in his wild fish & chip combos.

Although Nick is newer to the scene, his riding is on par with some of the best. He puts in some of the most work among top riders and the progression speed shows. Only up from here for Nick.

Possibly the newest to the scene among the list, Kyle’s brain melting combos got himself noticed last year and he quickly became a common name among the Trick Track scene.

One of Colombia’s finest, Diego Valero’s blended FGFS / Trick Track style boasts perfection and style. Although there’s a lack of content of him, it makes each clip we see from him extra special.

One of the only people to compete with Kyle for newest riders, Antoine’s silky smooth style caught our attention last year. Loaded with potential this one is.

TOP 10:

Now we get into the top 10. Remember that this isn’t just a list of the best riders period. It’s a combination of style, creativity, difficulty, consistency, and hard work. (Also competition results if applicable, but there haven’t been very many contests since covid.)


Caesar has a natural talent for fixed gear bikes that comes around rarely, and he doesn’t even need straps to show it off. His combos and bike control land this young lad the 10 spot.


Taking first at our Trick Track competition we hosted last year, host of Tarck Tuesdays every Tuesday in SF, king of track bike content, Jake is truly the embodiment of Trick Track. His commitment to the scene and skills land him the number 9 spot.


One of the best overall riders on this list, Hyosuk (better known as Banggu) combines bunnyhop barspins with his Trick Track riding to demonstrate some amazing bike control. Also wins the award for most bikes broken in 2021.


One of the quickest rises to top level riding came from Max last year. starting with basic Tarck tricks quickly turned into all around fixed gear bike mastery, showing off FGFS style tricks and combos on his very large track frame.


Possibly the closest resemblance of the late Keo Curry’s style we have today, Baek displays buttery mouth watering Tarck combos on the regular.


With a background in BMX, Jakub transferred the skills flawlessly to his Volume Cutter and learned some classic fixed gear tricks along the way to create complete mastery of the fixed gear drive chain.


Possibly one of the most exciting riders to watch right now, Deythos constantly displays electrifying combos with style. Fast, aggressive, and impressive is his game.


One of the most overlooked and underrated riders in the entire scene, Andy is no stranger to the fixed gear bike. With a mastery in both Trick Track and FGFS, he blends the two style perfectly on his Volume Thrasher build to show off complete control on both flat ground and obstacles. Whatever he wants to do on his bike, he’s got it.


The mayor of Fixie Town is still doing the lord’s work and posting his highly praised Youtube videos on a semi consistent basis. His riding is always dialed and incredibly pleasant to the eye. With 11+ years in the scene, he knows a thing or two about how a fixed gear bike works.


Although currently on a hiatus (assumably to take a break from this brain rotting social media landscape), everybody in the scene can agree that Andy is a one of a kind rider. Your favorite rider’s favorite rider. His mastery of fakie tricks is unmatched and he has pioneered so many of the popular tricks we see today. Andy is this year’s king of Trick Track list.

Let us know what you think of our list and who you think we missed. Thought you should be on this list? Start putting in that work and tag us on your posts @suckmycog!

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