Two for Tuesday.

Here’s two songs that really pump me up to go ride.

The first one I first heard in the video Mashafix put out for the FF power hour 6.66. Gets me pumped to ride every time. Joe and Antonyo’s riding alone gets me stoked to get out and try new stuff.

The second one was on Wonka’s Death Pedal 2 part. I swear I used to watch that DVD over and over when I first got it! This song reminds me of that part and still always gets me amped to ride.

Another song came on as I was typing this up, so lets make this Three for Tuesday. Matt Spencer’s Autumn edit was one of the first freestyle videos I ever watched as I was moving along in my fixed gear career. I thought it was the most insane thing ever and I set off determined to get a fixed gear freestyle bike, dreaming I could be as good as Matt, haha. So this song always reminds me of the golden days of fgfs. WOLFDRAWN