The Grime’s DVD from two years ago, “Shredwell 2”, is now available online for free thanks to the Turf Mob. Always loved the vibe of this DVD. Hammers throughout, great song choices, and the whole thing just seems like they’re all having a great time riding bikes with their friends. Enjoy!

Lookback | FOAD x Still Pour In SF

Ride + Style does a great job at uniting fixed gear riders from across the globe. This FOAD and Still Pour collab video from last year’s event is the epitome of the Red Bull weekend: riding bikes with your buds. Can’t wait to see all these dudes again in less than a month.

Throwback | Alec Aranowitz Dirt Jump

This has always been one of my favorite photos to come from old sMc fam Alec Aranowitz. The Bluffs dirt jumps in Costa Mesa were a regular spot on our old agenda, and was always a blast to ride. He doesn’t push fixed anymore, but we still keep in contact and he plans to ride BMX again. This photo was taken by Junho Park while filming for our old “Full Length” video.


Lookback | The Posse – Goodbye 2012 Edit

I re-discovered this edit yesterday as I was doing some digging around for some of the sMc crew’s old edits. Our dudes Robert Rice and Jacob Santos were in this one along with a bunch of our other homies. The crew was killer and the editing was on point. The songs went really good with the riding too. It’s a shame this crew isn’t around anymore and most of them deserted the Fixed Gear scene. But none the less, the video was really sick. Everybody went hard. Just a bunch of friends having fun on bikes, that’s what it’s all about.